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Strong women, collaborations and getting TikTok at 30

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Time!...So as I’ve mentioned in my other blog posts I have a little more time these days due to the lack of weddings and taking on less family shoots. More time has been great, yes I miss weddings but being able to spend time with my daughter and on my creative work is amazing and has ignited a bit of a fire in me again. I’ve started a self portrait project, after taking some online work shops by some of my favourite photographers (Everything is online these days) I was encouraged to talk about the meanings behind my work, which is scary but I feel good about it. This has then inspired me to start another creative project.

This new work is a collaboration, it’s not just mine. These strong, creative, and beautifully complicated women are truly inspiring and although I’m taking the photos and doing the after processing this work has taken place after sketches, many conversations and shared ideas. There has been so much laughter and even a few tears, but art should invoke emotions and help us open up to each other.

Here's a look at a few I've already done!

Gemma’s portrait project

Gemma in her own right is an incredible artist. Gemma did her own hair, make up, and even made the props! We did three shoots altogether and they were great fun! Over the years I’ve done many shoots with Gemma. She is very easy to photograph because she has flawless skin and holds a lot of emotion in her eyes, so for me that’s great! We also get on very well, we used to share a studio space. So she knows my creative style and that helps because my ideas are sometimes a little odd, she always trusts what I want to do and adds her own twist to it, like a collaboration should be. I’m sure I’ll work with Gemma again in 2021.

Link to Gemma's Website: Click here

Sammys portrait project

This was so much fun! Sammy is very much like me, has a slightly dark humour. So it was a little hard not to mess around and laugh the whole time. But thats the good thing about these projects, they are ours, so we set the mood and have fun. Sammy is a great person, and also very talented. Sammy is a book blogger so of course we needed to do a book themed session! We didn’t drop a single book either when making these images! I’m still editing photos from this session and we have some more shoots planned for the end of January that will involve some smoke bombs and fire. I’m sure I’ll post on my instagram at some point!

Link to Sammy's Blog: Click here

Angharad’s portrait project

Angharad has great energy, but not the type of energy that tires you out. She’s kind and bubbly. I wanted these images to be fun. (We also have darker ones very different from these that I will share in the next week or so after I’ve edited) I’ve known Angharad for a few years. We shared a studio together along with Gemma. She is very creative and an amazing illustrator, so again it was easy to explain what I needed from this collaboration. I really wanted to explore long exposure photography partnered with light as a large part of this project. I’m over the moon with how these turned out, I’m very excited to edit more! Thank you Angharad for the conversation the giggles and trusting in my vision so I could capture these.

My self portrait project

Here are a few of mine, my portraits come from a darker place, I’m okay with that now. I intent in doing a blog post with my top 10 self portraits soon. I'll talk a little about the thought behind them and techniques I used to achieve the over all edits.

2021 will be full of work like this, with more amazing people. I already have some more shoots in the diary, I'm very excited. I’ve also got some social media work lined up for 2021 which I’m really excited about. I’ll be working with a local business, doing some food photography and staff profile images as well as working with a really cool up and coming podcast. Both want something a little quirky and different, so of course I'm really looking forward to working with them!

I’ve also downloaded the app, TikTok… yep at the age of almost thirty and I’ve done it. However lowkey flex here (thats how the kids talk these days right?) One of my videos has over 350k views and over 30k likes so I’m cool now right?

Interested in working with me on a similar project? Click this link to read about how! The shape of us

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