Team work makes the dream work...

An amazing wedding relies on team work thats not a secret, when vendors pull together it can make a good day turn into a great one!

The date was Feb 16th, the weather... Well to say it was raining would be a gross under exaggeration. It was wild, winds blowing, trees falling, roads closed and houses flooding across Wales. This was my first wedding with fellow photographer Laura Walsh.

I woke up nervous the morning of the wedding not sleeping much in the night with the uncertainty of how we would travel to the wedding. Myself and Laura even joked about packing wellies and walking, luckily it didn't come to that. After a few phone calls with the venue dressers and make up artist we were feeling confident we could make it. We set off two hours earlier than we needed (yes we are THAT dedicated!) the wedding itself was at the stunning Lemore Manor, usually approx 40 minutes away from us. After driving through what I would describe as small lakes and bumpy back lanes to avoid road closures we made it! The rain even stopped for a little while, after a quick journey to a near by shop for supplies of sausage rolls and oat bars we were good to go!

We got to the venue before the bride so we set up. Family photos outside wouldn't be a option due to the weather and light so we found a lovely room to do formal photos in. The venue was outstanding! I highly recommend it to anyone in the area, the grounds (weather permitting) are awesome, the insides elegant and timeless with a modern twist.

The bride turned up delighted that we had made it in the storm, we all shared a sigh of relief. We quickly moved onto the prep photos, capturing all the little details, dress, rings, flowers and decorations. The day was off to an excellent start, myself and Laura work incredibly well together partnering our creative and organisational skills, we were like photographer ninjas. Everything was perfect the ceremony, reception we even managed to capture some outside photos! We now have a list of weddings in our diary that we are working together on. Check out some of my images below. To take a look at Lauras website follow this link- Laura Walsh Photography

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Velvet Image (Me)

Laura Walsh Photography

Layla Robinson Design Pete Stead DJs Dress to Impress by Julie Prettybow Makeup Emily Rose Cakes Hereford.

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