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Not normal, new normal, who wants to be normal anyway...

Just a quick one, I’m working on a few blog posts in my drafts but the idea of this one is burning into my head so better out than in right!

What is normal? I often find myself thinking about the concept of ‘being normal’. Is my brain normal, is it normal to spend this much time wondering if I’m normal. Overthinking Is a normal thing to do right? Normal people think this way... Then I look at my work, no probably not normal.

I’m now fine admitting that I have really struggled over the years with wanting to feel more normal and this has resulted in me getting frustrated with myself.

Changing the way you view and treat yourself is tricky, it takes time but building on your wellbeing and self esteem is so important for growth. And growth is an ongoing theme in my work this past year, so I’m practicing what I preach! It’s a journey with ups and downs. I’m embracing it all, and now I realise It’s ok to be who I am, because who wants to be normal really? I know now that I don’t want a normal life, I want an impactful one, I want to make art that make people feel and to use my work for awareness. After all we are all just looking for connection and to be understood in this strange and scary world and art connects people... Here is what i've been up to!


I shot these while I was in a good mood recently, a kind friend brought me some flowers so I did some quick photos for my growth project. The good mood didn't last that long, but that's what's good about a self portrait project. Different emotions and events make for different images, images tell stories and not every story is the same.

Creeping in

After my good mood I had a bad few days, I felt very frustrated and down these were the outcome. This type of imagery has been an ongoing theme in my work. I will go more into the feeling and experiences behind the work at some point, not quite yet. I’m also planning on doing a lot more behind the senes videos of my processes (in the from of tiktoks and reels).

Not me again...

Flight or Fall

I love levitation photography because I love editing, for me editing is as much fun as taking the photos! I love the process of planning, setting up, shooting. I'm fairly quick at it all these days, so I’m planning more challenging work to keep my mind busy! I want to start entering more competitions now I’m feeling more confident about my work and self growth. Again I will go into how I produce this type of image from start to finish soon!

If you read my last blog post Creation and Loss you will know I had a little bit of a tricky time lately, this was a wake up call well more like a slap in the face... but from emotion and experience comes art, if you follow my work you will already know that I over share and photograph my feelings. So yeah that’s not about to change in fact expect more!

Photoshoot update

For family photoshoots I’m working on taking location shoots again very soon! You will be able to book these via my website or my social media once I’ve done all the logistics. Late afternoon/early evenings will be available at first! Thanks for reading and stay safe all while enjoying a little more freedom!

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