Lockdown, leaving the self-pity party & being a better photographer than I was 5 months ago.

So a few weeks ago, was it weeks or months? Time feels different these days. I posted a blog feeling a little sorry for myself. the situation hasn’t be amazing for so many people and as a photographer with what was looking like a very promising 2020 before the pandemic, I was feeling down trying to get to grips with my new reality. I wasn’t producing the work I felt I should be. It took me longer than I feel it should have to get back into my creative flow, to help me be more motived I joined The Society of Photographers, Photocroud and set myself a little list of creative projects. We even managed to update our family photos, I’ve gotten very good with the selftimer mode!

Once I got out of the self-pity party and started to use my brain again, took a while to warm it up! I started to learn! I have learnt more during the last few months than the last 3 years put together. I’ve even entered a few competitions hopefully I’ll do a blog update on how I’ve gotten on in a few weeks time… or months, time is relative after all.

I have PLANS, real plans, I’m reopening my studio in Brecon town…before the apocalypse almost happened we were about to buy our dream house and I was planning to have a home studio. unfortunately the sellers pulled out, but everything happens for a reason so I’ve started to take bookings again and fallen back in love with my studio. I’ve also had some amazing location shoots already as restrictions have lifted (social distancing of course). I’m applying everything I’ve learnt over lockdown to my work, I’ve also invested in some new equipment which okay little bit of a gabble during these tricky times but I have faith. I’m putting the creative touch back into my photos, I want my images to be art... Okay that made me cringe a little typing that, but it's true. I’m even planning to start exhibiting my work again which is something I haven’t felt confident enough to do over the last few years. It’s tricky finding the balance between being creative and commercial. I always wanted to be an artist and kind of just fell into photography BEST FALL OF MY LIFE. I know I’m on the right track, even in a post Covid-19 world I’m feeling positive about my craft and creative future. I’m a better photographer now than I was 5 months ago, I will never stop learning.

My next wedding is in October, it was meant to be a few months back but got postposed. I’m so excited about it! It was always going to be a small intimate wedding so Covid-19 hasn’t messed with the plans too much! I’m looking forward to blogging about weddings again!

Heres some more of what I’ve been up to during lockdown… yep I know I’ve taken a lot maybe too many self portraits to help me stay up to date and learn.

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