Liking your wedding photographer.

There are so many variables to take into consideration when booking your wedding photographer. Of course budget, style and package are highly imperative. However liking your photographer is so important! Why? We are with you for 12 hours+ thats along time, we see it all….. no really we do! Weddings are special, emotional days and as a wedding photographer we need to capture that. Tears, laughter and crazy dance moves.

Your photographer will usually arrive early in the morning to take photos of your morning prep, it’s always so lovely to get those first few shots. Like you and your bridal/grooms party we have been up for hours. We get up early to check our equipment that we have packed the night before but the main reason we just can’t sleep…we are too excited. Like you, your wedding photographer has been planning your day for agers! In many cases over a year!

Yes price is important, but find a photographer who makes you laugh, who wants to meet for a cuppa to chat about your day. Who is interested in how you and your partner met. I like to meet my couples at least twice before their day, sometimes this isn’t an option so email, WhatsApp and FaceTime have to be used.

Equipment, what are they using? Does their camera have a duel SD card readers? Do they back up files throughout the day? Bearing all this in mind cameras don’t take photos on their own. knowledge is key. Lighting, settings and spares.. unfortunately equipment brakes. Never hire a photographer who has one camera. If you take anything from this post please hire a photographer who have spare EVERYTHING.

Me and the wedding party, Thank you Thomas Cole for the pull back shot!

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