Listening and lighting...

I was lucky enough to take part on a winter wedding lighting photography course last week with The Trained Eye. Investing in my education is so important to me! Which I find funny as I was never one for school! I travelled down to just outside London with a fellow photographer and friend Laura. Brecon to London and back is a long way. It's important to me to learn new techniques because weddings are a massive deal and with great power comes great responsibility, (Spiderman reference) I want to be the best wedding photographer I can be, so if that means a 9.5 hour round trip in one day to pick up some new helpful skills thats what i'll do!

The trip itself was very fun even to long car journey! I really enjoy spending time with other photographers and like minded people. Myself and Laura will be working together on a few weddings so doing the course together was great.

The day was amazing from start to finish, we started with a classroom session, chatting about lighting, equipment and techniques. After lunch we jumped onto shooting in a stunning wedding venue. This blog post is short because I feel the photos speak for themselves!

I would highly recommend The Trained Eye to any photographer, I had a great day and can't wait for my winter weddings I have booked!

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