Capturing real moments...

A lot of people ask me if I get nervous or stressed out when it comes to weddings. 

I love weddings, everything about them, the atmosphere, the laughter, the feeling of happiness bouncing around the room. The emotion on people’s faces and the dance moves at the end of the night. 

Of course I get a little nervous it would be silly if I didn’t. A wedding is a massive deal and a special day. But my main emotion is excitement, this is what drives me. 

Emotion is powerful, real moments raw and sometimes unpredictable, these are the moments I want to capture. Documenting the little details, the rings, the dress, the lights, the tears, the smiles...your drunk friends falling over. These images will be frozen forever. 

When it comes to wedding photography myself and second shooter who is also my husband Tom, work together very well and both understand how important it is to capture different angles of your day. For example you will probably see us at different ends of the room but still working together to insure the best outcomes.

By the end of a wedding myself and Tom often feel like your friends as well as the photographers. It’s a great feeling!

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