Covid-19, Creative block and working from home...

Ok so a different type of blog today, not my usual wedding related style but I feel an update on what I've been up too is relevant. I like to think I'm a very honest person, so this is a very honest entry. I should be on wedding number 6 by now this year unfortunately due to Covid-19 I've only managed to do one so far! Sad times! I am in one word GUTTED.

It’s hard to be a creative person without a creative project, no spark. Yep that sounds a bit dramatic but creative block is a real thing and a real problem for me. Of course I know in the grand scheme of everything going on with the pandemic and economic uncertainty me moaning about not feeling my creative spark may sound silly and self obsessed... but like I said It's an honest entry. I’m my best self around other creative people or with a task in hand, I like to bounce ideas around I believe this stems from growing up as one of 6 siblings and working from a young age. Now the world has slowed down and I’m just not feeling it, I've tried. Like really hard, I've meditated, excised, written bad poems, attempted short stories, taken a ridiculous amount of self portraits, taken photos of almost EVERYTHING in my house, done business webinars and online courses but still feeling a little flat. Yes I've had creative flare ups every now and again but nothing that sticks. I need a project, to feel some pressure I’ve realised that stress is my motivation. Maybe that’s why I love weddings so much the chaos and excitement drives me forward.

I've had a few jobs on over lockdown but today I decided to be more proactive I've ordered some new props, backdrops and have some products coming to photograph. I'm looking forward to producing some images for some local businesses over the next few weeks as I've set up a small studio in my house. On another positive note since I can't use my town studio I released I can work anywhere and make art. I've also remembered that I don't need fancy equipment to make a great shot. Although it does help... however using what I have around me to control lighting has been fun.

Here is a quick look at what I've managed to create so far, I feel slightly disappointed in myself that I haven’t used this time to come up with something really great (YET), to tell some kind of artistic story. Hopefully in a years time I'll look back on some really great work, perhaps not, let’s wait and see...Here is a quick look at what I've managed to create so far.

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