Beg for permission or ask for forgiveness?

When it comes to photography you can’t always play it safe. That being said of course I always think about health and safety, the implications of my actions before I take a photo. As a photographer the wellbeing of my subject is highly important to me. I think of myself as a respectful person, however if I see an opportunity for a great shot I’ll take it even if it means I have to be a little cheeky to achieve it.

Let me set the seen. The date was the 7th of September It’s was a lovely early autumn day with the last of summer still kissing the air…sound romantic already right? it was. The day was perfect, relaxed, fun and scenic. The wedding was in Brecon and then to Talybont so local for me. As I do with all my weddings we met before so we had a good plan for the day. We decided to take family photos on a beautiful brick bridge overlooking the canal. We got great natural shots as requested, on the way back to the venue we past a canal boat. We had talked before of how nice it would be to capture a photo on a boat, so when opportunity appeared we took it. Before we took any photos we knocked on a window no one was in, the canal boat was a hirer so not technically owned by its occupants. The newly wedds jumped on posed for a few photos and carefully got off.

If whoever was staying on the boat had of been present i’m 100% sure they would have kindly agreed to letting us get a quick quirky photo. As a wedding photographer I would prefer to take the slight risk and get 'the shot' than to miss an opportunity to get my clients some great photos, after all a photo will last a lifetime a moment is gone within a blink of an eye.

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