Another lockdown blog from another bored, tired photographer.

Sunday’s always seem like a good day to update my website with a blog entry so here we go! This isn’t the blog post I was planning this month, but life is unexpected so it’s the one I’m writing. We are all feeling the frustration of lockdown I’m sure! And being positive can be a little tricky at the moment. I really wish I had more work to post and talk about, so it’s a random post and short update from me today!

Why are photos important?

If you follow me on social media you will have heard me talk about the importance of why I print my photos I love having physical work to look at. I love framed prints. My walls are full of family photos, to me photos just make a room feel so happy and full, walls should be filled with memories and emotions. Ok they don’t NEED to be printed to have a positive effect, taking photos even to keep on your phone or computer is just as important. My point is, a photo will hold memories and emotions that you may forget over time. Little details, facial expressions, the way you felt. Even if these memories are painful but it’s still an important moment don’t let it fade away, our experience are a part of us.

Don’t worry if you look tired or you’re not wearing your favourite jumper if you're having an experience that you want to hold onto capture it!... Maybe it’s with a family member or a friend just take the photo. Ok that piece of advice is a bit difficult at the moment with all these restrictions, but will become relevant again! The time will come when we get to see our friends and family for photo opportunities!

Looking at photos can bring us so much happiness, they don’t need to be professionally taken (although I recommend it 😉) they just need to be taken and kept. As a parent it’s been so important to me to document my daughters childhood. Not just for me but also for her, she changes and grows so fast and I’m so proud of the happiness that surrounds her. These are important captures for me. Make sure you're also in the photos! Don’t just be the one to take them, everyone deserves to be photographed.

Photos can also have many different meanings, they can hold our secrets and ambitions on. Some times we may lose track of what is important to us, photos can be a reminder.

Other updates

Studio update, unfortunately my studio sprung a leak. Of course this was a very stressful experience for me. The future of my town studio is very uncertain at this moment in time, when restrictions have lifted I will be concentrating on family location shoots for a while, using the amazing natural landscape we have.

Due to the restrictions I’ve had a few of my projects pushed back again, but this is ok it gives me time to plan and learn. I have set a studio up in my new home! I will never be able to articulate how amazing and helpful having this space is to me, my work and well-being. If you’re an creative person reading this I’m sure you will get it!

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