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All is fair in art and war

So keeping this blog more about the art, of course i’ll go into the reasons behind my work but I also want to talk a little more about the technique and share some of my other projects not just my self portraits in this one! So it's all a little random. Once again I hope whoever you are you enjoyed reading it, unfortunately there will be typos I apologise for this, but it is what it is! This one might not make sense if you don't already follow my blogs as I refer back to my other posts...

I love art, and not just photography I could look at art all day. I love the feeling of being inspired, it’s addictive and when I can’t create or have creative block of course like any creator it has a negative impact on me, the more I create the more I feel like i’m chasing the inspirational high. It’s frustrating I have a lot of creative energy at the age of 30 I assumed I would be better at channelling this! I'm still figuring out my long term plans, I just want to create, to feel a connection and help others feel via my art. After my blog The Shape of My Art got so many views and mostly positive reactions I got a little overwhelmed I guess, I felt incredibly vulnerable and on display but it's not just about how I feel I don't create just for that, I also create for awareness, I did get ask rudely to take that particular blog down so when it got so many views It did feel good, some people fear the truth it makes them uncomfortable. I'm not responsible for how others view my work of course I don't want to hurt anyone but if that blog made you uncomfortable imagine living it...


I call it art anyway, other people at this point probably call is something else…

Make sense to start with an update from my self portrait project. I was feeling kind of angry when I did this, and it probably came across like a rant on my social media I totally understand that, but it was the reason behind the art, and I really like honesty. Lighting is off, editing is off, I should really redo my hand and match the jumper up better, It would be an easy fix but I move on fast once i've posted, and do really like it, It feels meaningful and important, good editing is always nice to look at but there is more to art than perfection.

Those Who Refuse to See

Ok, the ranty bit-

It's funny the same people who have been mindlessly “liking” my images for the past year or so while I’ve been working though my experiences are the same people against it. Which I shouldn’t care about, I alway say it, art is subjective BUT what have they been assuming they have been “liking” I mean did they even look at it and let a thought cross their mind maybe not, maybe it’s easier not to think. Must be nice… I’m grateful for the positive conversations and unfortunately even the stomach dropping ones that back up my last blog. It validates my feelings and that’s powerful because it’s not an easy thing to have on display as i've already mentioned, I don’t take any kind of personal pleasure from over sharing my reasons behind creating, I just want awareness for others and I did generally try and get on with it all and build bridges which is clearly to complex for people to understand. But I guess ignorance is bliss right… but just getting on with it and being silent doesn’t break cycles it allows them to continue, and yeah the last blog was intense I get it, but it’s my life and unfortunately that’s also been intense and that wasn’t even the worse of my experiences, in fact I was very kind in it and there are a few people who need to remember that, but I really don’t want to be an angry person, I want to be the best person I can be whatever that means and I've promised myself to try to live less in the past.

Here is a link to a behind the scenes video of Those Who Refuse to See. Song is Grandson Blood//Water and was VERY fitting to the image, music is a massive inspiration to me and also helps me genuinely in everyday life.

Getting technical