A Festive Feeling...

We had our first December wedding last year, a few days after Christmas. The air was cold but atmosphere was incredibly warm and fun. The hint of Christmas was still in the air but the excitement of new years and new beginnings were buzzing all around.

If I had to pick a favourite part of the Festive wedding I would have to say the suits!... Why? Easy the colour! Green! The wedding was very relaxed, we met with the bride prior to the wedding and of course chatted about what kind of photography she required. Non posed and natural photos were requested.

The day went perfectly, even the timings where on point! (that doesn't always happen with weddings!) From the first shot of the shoes I knew it was going to be a really chilled day, we stayed till just after the first dance. Having such a relaxed, fun wedding was the perfect end to 2019. Here are a few photos from the day-

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