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A little about me and my art... 


I am Velvet Cole, an artist, writer and photographer from South Wales. My passion lies in exploring my creativity and collaborating with others. Though I often take self-portraits to raise awareness on important subjects and express myself, I also enjoy working with fellow artists whenever I can.


Art has been a powerful tool in my life, helping me overcome difficult times and thoughts. It has given me a voice and a deeper reason for creating. However, I believe that having my own voice is not enough. We all have unique stories and struggles, and art is a means of connecting, raising awareness, and telling those stories. Together, there is immense potential for spreading awareness.


In my photography blog, I delve into the techniques and meanings behind my work. Feel free to check it out for a more detailed insight


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I kindly request your support, not just for me, but for the entire creative community. We all know an artist, a writer, a dancer. Our minds are filled with thoughts and ideas, and it can be challenging to produce work. If you appreciate the art we create, please share, like, or comment!


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